LaFontaine Industries operates the continent's third largest public transportation system, which covers all of Tungsten City and enables rail travel to several nearby cities. On an average weekday, approximately 1.13 million rides are taken on LaFontaine public transit lines, accounting for 76% of all transit trips taken in Tungsten City.

Presently, transit service is provided in two modes: trolley and train.

LaFontaine train rails run between each district of Tungsten City, and also to the four nearest cities: Iron City, Silver City, Cobalt City and Turquoise City. One train also runs from the North District residential area to our North District tungsten mines.

Trolleys run along all main streets and between each neighborhood of all city districts. Trolley stops can be located at every other block along any main street in the city with the exception of City Center, which has a stop at every corner.

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