LaFontaine Industries' Pharmaceuticals Department is a world leader in producing cutting-edge medications and new medical procedures. We employ a wide range of medical staff to ensure that those who use our products are going to have the best end-user experience possible.

The Pharmaceuticals Department was one of the first departments established by company founder Paul Vincent Espinoza in 2k856.

In 2k899, the then-Espinoza Industries Pharmaceuticals Department was responsible for creating the vaccine that would prove to be a permanent cure for leprosy. Leprosy has since been all but eliminated from the Tungsten City population, and vaccinations have spread to surrounding cities, as well. We are committed to increasing vaccine production and curing this disease for the whole of society.

 LaFontaine Industries Pharmaceuticals are used in all Tungsten City medical facilities, including, but not limited to:

  • East Side Municipal Hospital, In City Center, Downtown East
  • Founders Memorial Hospital, in East District, Eastside Downtown
  • Northside Radiation Clinic, in North District, Northside

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