LaFontaine Industries is the world's leading primary producer of Tungsten and accounts for about 40% of newly mined production globally. Nickel, copper, iron, and other base metals are also produced, but in much smaller quantities.

Tungsten is primarily used in the production of hard materials based on tungsten carbide, which is one of the hardest carbides. It is used to create wear-resistant abrasives and cutters for drilling, as well as milling and turning tools used by a variety of different industries. The primary use for the carbide, however, is in construction.

87% of Tungsten City's structural support (in the walls and dome support beams) is made from a combination of concrete and tungsten carbide reinforcing bars. When alloyed with nickel, iron, or cobalt to form heavy alloys, tungsten can be used to create armaments, such as bullets meant to pierce body armor. Metallic tungsten is sometimes used in jewelry making. Because of its conductive properties and relative chemical inertness, LaFontaine Industries uses tungsten in all of its telecommunications systems.

You can find our currently operational mines in the North District of Tungsten City.

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